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Do you want to know the personality of our sofas?

Do you want to know the personality of our sofas? 2560 1706 CHESTERADMIN

Each person is different and each one of us has a different personality. Our sofas too!

We all have a way of being and it cannot be changed ... or so we say when in some discussion where someone criticizes something about our personality and we justify ourselves with an "I am like this" and we are so wide. But luckily we have the freedom to choose who we surround ourselves with because, to taste the colors! Or the sofas!

We have sofas for all types of people, of all materials and colors. And best of all, if you get tired of them you can change them no they are going to get angry.

We are going to tell you a little about our star sofas so that you know them better:


Sofa TOKYO de SITSOFA it is a piece of furniture with an overwhelming personality. There is no one like him. It is ideal for people whose comfort zone is anywhere in the world. It is very easy to move since it is completely removable so it can accompany you wherever you go. Being modular it is very versatile, it adapts to everything, it can even be used to sleep if you remove the cushions.


One of the most elegant sofas in our catalog is Malmo. Its legs made of wood make it a robust and sober piece of furniture with a bearing worthy of royalty. It has a steel structure, but its touch is soft and delicate. This designer furniture has as its hallmark the style it brings to any room.


The Sofa BRICK de SITSOFA everyone likes him and he always fits. It is a “team” piece of furniture, as it is modular, you just have to put several BRICKs together to get a bigger sofa. It is removable, the BRICK sofa makes your life easier.  


Petra it is our most helpful sofa. When you sit in him at the end of the day it will seem as if he has been waiting for you for hours to give you his warm hug. It is for you and what you need, so keep a mattress in your chest in case you need to sleep on it at any time. It will provide you with great stability and its comfort is incomparable.

You see? How much variety! You can find many more furniture as nice as these in our catalogue. Surely there is an ideal one for you. Also, remember that if at any time one of our furniture bores you ... You can always change it for another! Don't get tied down!

Welcome to the furniture subscription. Welcome to Rentchester.