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Tips to take the best photos and rent your home as soon as possible

Tips to take the best photos and rent your home as soon as possible 894 672 CHESTERADMIN

Have you been trying to rent your apartment for a while without success? We give you some tricks to get more attention from your potential tenants

The first impression matters a lot since photos do not always reflect reality as it is. The lighting, the angle or the position of the camera are just some of the key factors that influence the result of our snapshots and that we often do not take into account for doing things in a hurry.

This is what you have to pay attention to when doing photos for your ad:

  1. Make sure the rooms are well lit. Light It is one of the most important elements of the photo. A gloomy and dark room does not attract attention. Well, he does call her, but for the worse. The potential tenant will automatically close our ad.

  2. Take care of the details and show a ordered space and neutral. Think about it, what do you want the person who sees your ad to notice, how well decorated the living room is or the shoes that you have left next to the sofa and the packet of tissues that is on the table?

  3. It is always better that you do the horizontal pictures. You will achieve a panoramic effect that will make the space appear larger. Also take care that the photo looks straight and frontal, neither from above, nor from below.

  4. Avoid being in photos. To avoid the reflection of the mirrors, take the photo from the side. Remember that what the person who sees the photos wants to see is your apartment, not you, no matter how photogenic you are.

  5. If your camera or phone has the option wide angle (fish eye) you will be able to capture most of the room and will provide a feeling of spaciousness.

  6. You can further enhance the attractiveness of your photos, using some editing program. There are many simple and intuitive apps that can help you. In addition, you can include a video for which you can also follow the same advice as to take good photos.

If your apartment is not furnished, it will take much longer to find the perfect tenant. Some owners choose to show the apartment furnished by previous tenants even though it is actually offered empty. This can be confusing to the next tenant and a very negative surprise when they visit.

From Rentchester we give you the option of offering the tenant the possibility of entering the apartment with furniture without costing you time or money with the program I am an Owner, Clara tells you in the following video:

You will only have to add some of our furniture to your great photos that you can easily download from our platform. You must also explain with a note in the description that there is the possibility of renting your apartment already furnished for a small increase in the monthly fee depending on the number of rooms. You will only order the furniture if you find a tenant who wants the apartment furnished.

Descubre más sobre el programa Soy propietario aquí.

Welcome to the furniture subscription. Welcome to Rentchester.