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to furniture subscription

Furniture rental for the amount of time you need
for just one affordable monthly fee. No deposit.

to furniture subscription

Furniture rental for the amount of time you need for just one affordable monthly fee. No deposit.

Delivery, assembly and collection free

How it works?

Elige tus muebles

Choose your furniture

Choose on our platform the furniture and the subscription's duration that works for you.

Recibe muebles

Get it in 7 days

Wait and relax. Your furniture will be delivered and assembled in just 7 days.

Cambio muebles

Buy them or swap them

Total flexibility. Decide what to do at the end of your plan: buy, extend, swap or return them when life or tastes change.

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CO2 tons NOT emitted

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¿Eres una empresa? Más de 100 Chesterfriends ya trabajan con nosotros: Fondos, SOCIMIs, Gestoras, Inmobiliarias, Relocations, entre otros.
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Proveedores de Muebles

Ya tenemos más de 280 productos en nuestro catálogo de fabricantes, distribuidores y tiendas, ¿Te interesaría ofrecer tus productos en renting a través de Rentchester?

¿Por qué hacer renting en vez de comprar?

You avoid large initial expenses by distributing them in small monthly fees.

You dedicate your time to more important things than transport and assembly of furniture.

No te comprometes con tus muebles desde el día 1, pudiendo tomar la decisión de si comprarlos unos meses mas tarde.

You can invest your money in other more profitable assets.

Avoid possible injuries by transporting or assembling the furniture, leave that for the experts.

Ahorras mucho tiempo leyendo largas instrucciones.

You control your accounts better through a single monthly fee.

You contribute to a sustainable future by extending the useful life of furniture.

You save more money at the end of the month for other more important expenses such as rent, food, education, health and others.

Evitas que muebles de corta duración como cunas y otros muebles infantiles ocupen espacio en tu casa cuando ya no los necesites.

You have total flexibility in your life so that furniture is not a burden when making new decisions.

You don't have to take care of temporary furniture, such as summer furniture, the rest of the year.

Redecoras tu casa en cualquier momento sin grandes gastos y complicaciones.

You avoid a lot of headaches trying to get rid of your furniture when it comes to moving.

You save important final expenses such as disassembly, transportation and reassembly when you move again.

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